Welcome to WCCC2EMU, your one-stop source for information as you plan to transfer from Wayne County Community College to Eastern Michigan University.

Eastern Michigan University works collaboratively with the faculty and staff at Wayne County Community College to enhance the educational transition process for community college students. Our purpose is to promote a seamless transfer process that minimizes the loss of academic credit and time in obtaining a bachelor's degree.

EMU Advising

It's never too early to start planning, and we will be able to assist you in choosing a clear path of classes to take at WCCC so they will transfer into your academic program at EMU.

Contact Angela Wafer, awafer@emich.edu, 734.487.0272

For a class to transfer from WCCC to EMU, two rules apply:

  1. The course must be a 100-level course or higher (non-developmental)
  2. You must have a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher in the class.

Here are some additional tools in helping you determine a "roadmap" of WCCC coursework that will transfer to EMU:

Transfer Guides: Start here if you have an idea of what you want to study but do not wish to obtain an associates degree.

Articulation Agreements (2+2 or 3+1): Formal agreements between WCCCD and EMU allow you to maximize your time, money, and academic coursework at WCCC while counting it toward your bachelor's degree at EMU. If you are following an articulation agreement, we strongly encourage you to register online so that we will be able to assist you with this process.

The MACRAO Transfer Agreement: This is an excellent option for most fields of study, or if you do not know what academic program you wish to pursue, because it allows you to complete the General Education Requirement portion of EMU's bachelor's degree. Some majors require specific general education courses. To make certain you're on target, cross-reference your major with the MACRAO Transfer Agreement.

Transfer student scholarships are awarded at the time of admission. As a new transfer student at EMU, you do not need to complete any additional applications for our merit-based scholarships. However, you must submit your application materials by July 1 (fall semester) or November 1 (winter semester).

Regents Scholarship – 3.7 cumulative college GPA with 30 transferrable credit hours = $3,000 per year; renewable for up to 3 years.

Recognition of Excellence Scholarship – 3.5 cumulative college GPA with 30 transferrable credit hours = $2,000 per year; renewable for up to 3 years.

Transfer Scholarship – 3.0 cumulative college GPA with 30 transferrable credit hours = $1,000 per year.

For additional scholarships information, including renewal criteria, please see page two of the quick reference guide.

We encourage you to apply for admission early. Ideally, applying for admission 4–6 months before you wish to begin classes at EMU will put you in the best possible position for enrolling in classes and maximizing your financial aid eligibility. Applying early allows us to communicate with you more specifically in regard to your opportunities as a transfer student at EMU. It will also allow for you to register for classes earlier, giving you more flexibility with your class schedule. If you are worried about getting your last semester of WCCC classes and grades to us, simply have an updated copy of your official transcripts sent to us once your last semester's grades are posted.


Click here to apply to EMU online.


Once you are admitted to EMU, you will schedule an appointment with our University Advising and Career Development Center to get registered for your first semester of EMU classes. Academic advisors will help you find the right courses.

Contact Angela Wafer:
Phone: 734.487.0272